Breakfast Brioche Buns with Béarnaise & water cress

Meal Occasion

Breakfast Brioche Buns with Béarnaise & water cress


6 Eggs

80g Cheese – grated cheddar

80g Salt and pepper

Spray oil

6 tbsp Food By Chefs Beetroot & Horopito Relish

6 tbsp Prep Kitchen Béarnaise Sauce

½ cup Watercress

10g Small brioche buns


  1. Using oil from a spray can line a small muffin tray and place into a 180’C pre heated oven for 5 minutes until hot and remove.
  2. Crack whole eggs into each mould and season salt, milled pepper and cheese.
  3. Bake until cooked with a medium yolk.
  4. Cut the brioche in half and place Prep Kitchen Beetroot Relish on the base followed by the baked egg, Béarnaise and watercress.
  5. You can place the lid on top of the brioche or use as croutons or a component for another dish. I used my brioche tops to make a savoury sundried tomato pesto bread bake with silver beet.

Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 15 Minutes Serves: 3 Adults

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